Services & Prices

Dog Walking & Full Day Service

Initial Home Visit
Meet, Greet, Consultation & Registration
Collection & Delivery (and cleaning of paws!)
1 Hour Group Walks
Walking for at least an hour (excluding travelling time)
in groups of no more than 5 dogs.
For additional dogs from the same household please add £8 per dog
Full Day Pick Up / Drop Off Service

Before you make your first booking we will take some basic information from you and answer any initial questions (either on the phone or via email). If you're still interested, we will arrange a short visit to meet and greet you and your dog. During this visit we will get to know you both and discuss your requirements. You can either decide there and then if we can help you, or alternatively you can let us know later. This consultation enables us to find out all those important little things about your dog and to establish exactly how you wish to use our service. No need to worry as this service is completely free.

If you decide to go ahead and make a booking with us we will agree your first walking date(s), give you a copy of our Terms and Conditions and our current Fees, which can also be found on this website, and that's it, as simple as that!

Again, there is no pressure or obligation to use Walks 4 Paws!, and we don't charge for this first consultation.

Once You've booked

We will organise how we will gain access to your property, mostly, and particularly for regular walkers, we hold keys for clients until such a time as they don't need our services any more. Keys will always be kept safely and in a lockable safe, they are insured and will be returned on request.

And that's it, all ready to go!

The Walk Day

All walks are in groups of no more than 5 dogs unless otherwise previously agreed. We walk in various locations, but usually in secure fields, parks, woods or the river bank. When dogs are allowed off-lead, we take balls and frisbees to add to the fun and games. Transport time is not included in the walk, and can vary in length depending on where the group of dogs all live, and where we decide to walk that day.

We will arrive at your home in our clean, well on the inside anyway, van. The dogs will be secured in the van on a waterproof mat for added comfort and hygiene. Your dog will have have the chance to bring a toy, chew or blanket along, if you wish.

We will enter your property, leaving muddy shoes at the door, and collect your dog(s) as quickly and calmly as possible, before locking up and getting him/her into the van. We have a ramp available for those who find it too hard to jump up. Routes are planned so that the dogs are in the van for as short a time as possible, and water will be available to them throughout their journey in the non-spill water bowls.

Once the Walk has Ended for the Day

When your dog’s walk has ended and they have had lots of fun, exercise and are nicely worn out, we will get him/her back into the van for the journey home. When we arrive at your home we will give your dog(s) a rub down and clean his/her paws as best we can before entering your property and settling them down as agreed. We will then say goodbye, leave a report card, provide a small healthy treat (unless otherwise agreed) lock up, and look forward to the next time.

Full Day Pick Up / Drop Off Service

If you would prefer your dog to be looked after for the full day we would be happy to collect and drop off your dog, or if easier drop off your dog with us and collect him/her on your way home.

Your dog will be looked after as one of our own and will have the benefit of being walked twice in the day. To ensure that we offer the best possible service, only one dog per day will have this benefit, places are exclusive, limited and dependant on behaviour of dog so please enquire early.

If there are any other services you require but which are not listed, please contact us to see if we can help.

Emergency Let-Outs

30 Minute Emergency Let-Outs
Call or text, great when you're stuck in a meeting or working late.

For regular clients at those times when you find yourself stuck in a meeting, traffic or any other unexpected or emergency situation we will let-out or walk and feed him/her if required.

You can simply just send a text! (Always helpful when you are in a meeting!)

If there are any other services you require but which are not listed, please contact us to see if we can help.

Home Visits

Home Visits
For your dogs and puppies, cats, small pets, etc. A 20 minute visit to play, let-out, feed, etc.

In addition (and subject to availability) we also offer home visits, to feed cats or other small animals and to let pets in or out, cleaning of litter trays, cages, feeding bowls and replenishing water supplies etc., plus lots of fuss and attention to your pets as if you were with them.

Whether you just want to enjoy a day out with the family or go on holiday we will come into your home and care for all of your pets and keep to their daily routines.

All employees of Walks 4 Paws! have been police checked and approved by disclosure Scotland.

If there are any other services you require but which are not listed, please contact us to see if we can help.